Advertise on my screens
SiliconVille is the largest video network in the bay area to provide effective and affordable video advertising to target the South Asian community in the US.

SiliconVille is a network of video displays (ranging from 37’’ to 42’’ in size) installed at various retail locations in the bay area that your customers visit every day – for example, local grocery stores, health clubs/gyms, restaurants, cafes, etc.
The SiliconVille network captures about 80% of the South Asian population in the bay area and is continuing to expand.
SiliconVille can provide you a targeted reach to the vast South Asian community in the bay area, help you build a recognizable local brand name and give you an affordable advertising medium.
SiliconVille provides engaging, entertaining and customized South Asian programming on its displays. The entertaining content helps retailers improve customer satisfaction by making it easier for their customers to wait in line at the pay stations and deliver highly effective promotions.